DragonLance 2E

The Summary So Far
New Beginnings

Characters met in the small town of Boremium, in the High Vale in the League of the Minotaurs, on the trail running south from Jalum.

While relaxing at the common room of the inn in town, the PCs are surprised to find themselves in the middle of a raid on the town. Goblins, fanatics, priests and undead are attacking!

Mounting an uncoordinated defense, the PCs were able to drive the attackers back from the main door and barricade both that and the front windows of the inn with upended tables.

At the same time some of the other PCs dealt with an attack from the rear of the inn, including an inventive, although unsuccessful, attack with an ash tray…

About the time the inn is secured, the crotchety mage who was studying in a room upstairs came out to see what all the ruckus was about, and joined the party, eventually proving to be an effective, though unlikable, coordinator for the party’s efforts.

Heading outside, the party found the bulk of the raid leaving town but the remaining undead coming around the building to attack. A better coordinated battle ensued, involving deadly darts, creative rope use, ornery horses and a nearly-run-away cart.

After finishing off the remaining raiders, the party was hired by the town mayor, Balakas, to find whence they came, why they attacked, and to deal some retribution to them. He had to hire outsiders because his local garrisons had all been pulled from the town due to other troubles.

The party headed out in the direction of a local ruined fort that was most likely to be the base for the raid. Arriving there, they found it to be inhabited by goblins who promptly attacked. A much better organized battle resulted in the defeat of the goblins and only a single point of damage inflicted on the party.

A quick search of the fort revealed a narrow tunnel leading downward. Crawling through the tunnel led them to stairs, and then a doorway. Behind the doorway lay a newly built temple to Usa (Hiteh), and the temple guardian, a 5th level Minotaur warrior. A bloody battle later, the Minotaur lay dead, along with two priests. Searching the temple and quarters revealed a letter:

“My Dear Son Eran,

I call you a son in the faith, for he whom you know as Usa I too know well.

Your efforts on behalf of our friends in Armach, I know well. May Usa reward you generously!

And, I think he will. Once your work in High Vale is complete, you must visit me. I have obtained information concerning a great discovery in the Steamwall Mountains, and would reward your fine work by allowing you to take part in a small expedition I am planning.

May the blessings of Usa-Hiteh be with you,



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